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Published: 26th July 2011
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The category list is a grouping of different work types and styles. This section is made available for you to find the business in Kakinada you are searching for, in a more refined & easy way. For instance, if you would like to see all the business listings that sell mobiles in Kakinada city, simply you need to click on Mobile Phones listing under Electrical / Electronics main category.

A helpline offers help to people by giving access to information, advice or customer service via physical unit, telephone, email, web or SMS. Help Lines available in Kakinada includes Electricity, Telecommunications, Police, Fire Station, Eye Banks, Mobile hospitals and many such emergency services.

InKakinada Education Yellow Pages is here to make it simple, finding the best rated institutes in Kakinada city under various domains like Engineering, Medicine, Law, Nursing, Business Management, Hotel Management, Tutorials, Finance, Fine Arts, Music, Dance and many more.

Entertainment is an art or field that entertains, amuses, create interest, divert, pleases people either in a form of a show, performance or any other medium. Kakinada main source of entertainment is the theater business. Movies, Plays and Skits are highly encouraged by the public here.Relax Kakinada choosing your medium through Entertainment Yellow Pages.

Food & Dining Yellow Pages listing contains businesses related to serving food like Restaurants, Clubs, Hotels, Lodges, Bakeries, Pubs, Bar, Inns and businesses related to groceries like Super Markets and other Food Centers existing in Kakinada town.

Construction & Real Estate Yellow Pages gives the information comprised in the process of both construction and real estate businesses like Architects, Builders, Cement Dealers, Distributors, Contractors, Hardware Enterprises, Power Tools, Timber Merchants, and Welding & Wood Works necessary for Construction of any framework and Real Estate Consultants, Vaastu Professionals for negotiating on buying properties.

Travel & Tourism Yellow Pages include transportation services such as car rentals, ticketing agents and accommodation services like hotels and lodging associated with Tourism for the people of Kakinada and the tourists who visit Kakinada.
Automobiles Yellow Pages listing have all the service industries related to Automobile transport consultancies.

Kakinada Shopping Yellow Pages listing is a combination of Gifts, Footwear, Jewelry, clothes and multi stores having amazing ambiance and offering accessories inline with today fashion.

To know the complete Information about kakinada City Yellow pages Directory like Real Estate in kakinada,Local business directory and Free classified ads in kakinada and helping people to have a quick-find of any local business details in kakinada City of India.For more information please visit our website:

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